I Found The Best Online Gift Shops In Australia

Published: 31st August 2011
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Just one night not too long ago, I was sitting in my home office wracking my brains for a fantastic gift idea for my best friend, Betsy, who is set to turn 40 this year.

Betsy and I have been best friends since our youngest children were born some 5 years ago. We've done it all together. We have had more than our share of Barbies by the pool on a Sunday afternoon while our husbands played golf together, the walking tours across the outback and even managed to snag tickets to see Oprah at the Sydney Opera House when she was here. This woman and I are very special friends and she deserves the best gift I can find.

I've been up and down Pitt Street searching high and low to no avail. I had thought about planning a luscious surprise party for her and the rest of our circle of friends until I thought about shopping online.

I do not have much experience with shopping online so I was a bit nervous. Then I saw the unbelievable variety that was available and I knew I would never shop in the Pitt Street Mall again.

There are hundreds of gift stores in Australia to choose from. You only have to devote the time to sit down at your computer and look. If you know how to use an Internet search engine, you are all set.

It does not really matter what you are looking for you, you will be able to find it. From the most boring and mundane gift to the most different and unusual. They are all there. Women's and men's gifts online are there for your choosing and your pleasure.

I certainly could have ordered a subscription to O Magazine for her, a gift I know she would enjoy every day for the next year but the shipping costs to Australia were prohibitive.

Ditto for most items being shipped from the US. It seems that most of North America just can not find an inexpensive way to ship down under. So I ended up purchasing a gift from a local online gift shop I found locally in Australia. There was certainly no danger of not being able to find one, that is for sure.

I never expected to find the vast number of online gift shops catering to the shoppers of Sydney and beyond. It was truly delightful to realize just how many there really were. In the end I realized that my shopping foray could not be concluded in just one night.

I would need to make some notes and write down names of websites with interesting gift ideas, give them some thought and return later to make my final selection. But I went away from that experience feeling much more confident about making an online gift purchase for this very special occasion. Almost every website I visited had a notation at the bottom to let the customer know that their purchase would be transacted securely.

This was very reassuring information for me to discover because I was very worried about putting my credit card information online because of all the horror stories I had heard in the past.

If you have a special occasion for which you need to shop and feel you have exhausted all your usual shopping haunts in town, give some Internet shopping a try. I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Thinking of Online Gift Shops Australia? Check out www.AusCause.com.au. You will be pleasantly surprised with the varieties on offer and best of all you can donate to your favourite Australian charity while you shop.http://www.auscause.com.au/gift-shop/

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